1987 MFA, UCLA, Los Angeles
1984 MA, SFSU, San Francisco
1982 The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta
1982 UQAM, Montreal, Diploma in Printmaking
1979 North Staffordshire Polytechnic, Stoke-on Trent, UK
1977 Alberta College of Art, Calgary
1975 Cégep du Vieux-Montréal

2013 and 2007 SSHRC Research Grant
2010 Voulkos Fellow, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana
2008 Vancouver Mayor’s Art Award
2007 Saydie Bronfman Award for Crafts and Governor General Award in Visual Arts
2005 Canada Arts Council Travel Grant
2004 Lighton International Artist Exchange Program, Kansas City Artists Coalition
2000 Chalmers Award for Crafts
1996 “A” Grant, Canada Arts Council
1994 6th National Ceramics Biennial (Trois-Rivières and Public Prizes)
1993 Tama Art Studio Artist in Residence Program, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Pierre Legault Prize, 5th National Ceramics Biennial “B” Grant, Canada Arts Council
1991 Bourse “A”, Ministère des Affaires Culturelles, Quebec Project Grant, Canada Arts Council
1990 Prize, 4th National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivières
1989 Bourse “B”, Ministère des Affaires Culturelles, Quebec
1986 Prize, 2nd National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivières UCLA Graduate Fellowship
1985 Ministère des Affaires Culturelles, Quebec (Travel Grant)
1982-87 Fonds FCAR, Quebec (Graduate Research Grant)
1985 Grand Prix des Métiers d’Art
1984 Ministère des Affaires Culturelles, Quebec (Expenses Grant)
1978 “B” Grant, Canada Arts Council

1996-present Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, B.C.
1996 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
1991-96 Concordia University, Montreal
1995 Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, B.C. (summer)
1991 Allende Institute, San Miguel, GTO, Mexico
1988 Université du Québec, Montreal (Ceramic Sculpture)
1980-81 Cégep du Vieux Montréal
1984 San Francisco State University (teaching assistantship)
1985/88 Cégep du Vieux Montréal
1976-80 Centre des Arts Visuels, Montreal

SELECTED GROUP SHOWS (with catalogue **)
2017 “Western Front Society 44th Anniversary Auction, Vancouver BC
“Contemporary Celadon in the Collection”, Shangyu Celadon Art Museum, Shangyu, China
2016 “Ceramics and Print”, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA
“3000 Years of Porcelain”, MOA, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
“Blue and White Porcelain in History and Today”**, Yingge Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
“Kitchen Midden”, Griffin Art Projects, North Vancouver
“Contemporary Teapots in the Collection”**, Shigaraki Ceramics Museum, Shigaraki, Japan
“Camp Fires”, Bellevue Art Museum, WA
2015 McCord Museum, Montréal, PQ
2014 “Camp Fires”, Gardiner Museum, Toronto **,
“Making Otherwise”, Carleton U. Art Gallery, Ottawa ** and Mount Allison University,
Halifax, NS
2012 “Go East”, Gardiner Museum, Toronto**,
“Elegant Disorders”, Belkin Satellite, Vancouver
“Remaking Research”** Emily Carr Concourse Gallery
2010 “Clay Throwdown” Bellevue Art Museum
2009 NCECA National, Tempe, AZ **
2007 GG Awards, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa **
2006 “China Trade”, Centre A, Vancouver **
2005 “The Visceral Vessel”, San Antonio, Texas
2004 “Hot Clay”, Surrey Art Gallery**
2002 International Ceramics Exhibition, Mino, Japan**
International Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan**
2001 75th Anniversary Alumni Exhibition, ACAD, Calgary
2000 World Ceramic Exhibition, Korea**
Color and Fire, Los Angeles County Museum, LA, CA **
1999 9th National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivieres**
1997 “Foulem, Mathieu, Milette”, Musée du Québec**
1996 “White on White”, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo and touring**
1995 NCECA Clay National, Minneapolis and touring**
1994 6th National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivières **
Tama Art Studio, Machida Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan **
“Gayramics”, New Orleans Lesbian and Gay Centre, LA.
1993 ”Subversive Crafts”, MIT List Visual Arts Centre, MA. **
“The Illusion of Place”, Greenwich House Pottery, N.Y.
“Les Vaisseaux d’Art”, Musée Marcil, St-Lambert, Quebec **
Four Quebecers in Syracuse, Everson Museum, Syracuse, N.Y.**
1992 International Ceramic Competition, Mino, Japan **
International Ceramic Invitational, Taipeh, Taiwan **
5th National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivières **
The Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver **
Gayramics, Galerie Lieu Ouest, Montreal
The Society for Contemporary Crafts, Pittsburgh **
“The Eccentric Teapot”, Shigaraki Museum, Japan
“Containers Revisited”, NCECA, Philadelphia **
Canadian Teapot Invitational, Drexel University, PA.
1991 The Hand and Spirit, Scottsdale, AZ (NCECA) **
Quebec Impressions in Clay, Galerie Barbara Silverberg, Montreal
4th Nat. Ceramic Invitational, The Canton Art Institute, Ohio **
1990 Canadian Ceramics, Barbara Silverberg, Montreal. **
4th National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivieres. **
28th Ceramic Natl. Exhibition, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY **
1989 “The Eccentric Teapot”, Garth Clark Gallery, N.Y./L.A.
International Ceramics Exhibition, Mino, Japan. **
1988 3rd National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivieres. **
“Fired Imagination”, Canadian/Australian Exchange.
1987 “Drawn to the Surface”, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. **
“L’Excellence en Céramique au Canada #1”, G.B.S., Montreal. **
American Ceramics Now, Syracuse, N.Y. **
“Beyond the Object”, Saskatchewan Craft Council. **
1986 2nd National Ceramics Biennial, Trois-Rivieres. **
1985 Concorso Intl. della Ceramica d’Arte, Faenza,Italy. **
Grand Prix des Metiers d’Art, Montreal. **
International Ceramics Exhibition 1985, Taipeh, Taiwan. **

2016 “China Syndrome”, Burlington Art Gallery, Burlington, ON**
“RightSideUP”, two person show with Landon Mackenzie, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC**
2012 “Flower Vases with Flowers in a Vase”, Ottawa School of Art
2006 “Making China in China”, Richmond Art Gallery, B.C. **
2003 East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii
2002 Prime Gallery, Toronto
1999 Stride Gallery, Calgary **
1998 10 Years Survey, Burlington Art Centre, Ontario.**
1995 Prime Gallery, Toronto.
1993 Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York.
1991 Galerie Barbara Silverberg, Montreal.
1990 Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago.
Prime Canadian Crafts, Toronto.
Michel Tétreault Art Contemporain, Montreal.
1988 Garth Clark Gallery, New York.
1987 Garth Clark Gallery, Los Angeles.
1985-87 “Le Souci de Soi”, Travelling: Banff, Vancouver, Montreal. **
1982-84 Interaction, Montreal.
1981 Prime Canadian Crafts, Toronto.
1978-81 Centre des Arts Visuels, Montreal.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS on my work (catalogues listed with group exhibitions **)
2017 “Another China: Experimental Design Practices in Bone China Factories in China”, NCECA
Journal, Yanze Jiang, March 2017
2016 “Paul Mathieu: The China Syndrome”, Janna Hiemstra and Jonathan Smith, Art Gallery of
“RightSideUp”, Julie Oakes, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC
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2017 under redaction now at 489 pages, “Making china in China”, a travelogue/memoir of 16                          working trips to China
2010 “The Art of the Future: 14 essays on ceramics”, at
2003 “Sexpots; Eroticism in Ceramics”, A&C Black, London, UK, Rutgers University Press, USA                      and in a German translation by Haupt, Switzerland.


Ceramics and the Archive Partnership Development Grant 2013 ($136,000), SSHRC
Ceramics and the Archive, Insight Grant 2007 ($96,000)

The Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England.
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
The Museum for Contemporary Ceramic Art, Shigaraki, Japan.
The Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts, Montreal.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, L.A.
Musée du Quebec, Quebec, Canada.
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa.
Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal, Collection Lavalin.
Burlington Art Centre, Ontario.
Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ.
Nelson Fine Arts Center, Kansas City, Missouri.
The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario
The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto
International Ceramics Museum, Kecskemet, Hungary

2017 International Conference on Contemporary Crafts, Hangzhou, China, Spring 2017
NCECA Portland, “Another China”, panel with Yanze Jiang, China and Janet deBoos, Australia
ECUAD Vancouver, Symposium with Yanze Jiang and Janet deBoos, March 21, 2017
2016 Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA
California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art CCACA
Davis, CA, “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, Dec. 2016
2015 NCECA Providence, RI, “PictureThis! Ceramics and Pictorial Spaces”
2013 Oregon College of Art and Craft
2012 Hindsight/Foresight, Ottawa
2010 Critical Santa Fe, Symposium Bellevue Art Museum
2009 Australian National Conference, Sydney
2008 NCECA Conference, Pittsburgh
2007 Neo-Craft Symposium, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, Toronto
2005 Canadian Art College Association, Victoria, B.C.
Potter’s Guild of BC conference, keynote speaker, Ladysmith, BC
2004 Porcelain Millennium International Conference, Jingdezhen, China
Tangents: Ceramics and Beyond, University of Indiana, Bloomington
2002 East/West Exchange Conference, Hawaii, USA
2000 Art College Association, Toronto, Ontario
East/West Craft Conference, Harbourfront, Toronto
1999 Keynote Speaker, Australian Ceramics Annual Conference, Perth
1998 National Conference on Education in the Ceramic Arts, Kansas City
Canadian Art College Association, Waterloo, Ontario
1996 National Conference on Education in the Ceramic Arts, Minneapolis
1994 Making and Metaphor, Canadian Museum of Civilization
1986 Emerging Talent, NCECA St-Louis

2001 Peru
1997 England and France
1996 China

2016 Shangyu International Celadon Artists Residency, Shangyu, China, June 2016
2014, 2013, 2011 and 2009 Hauguang Zibo Bone China Factory, Shandong, China
2012 and 2001 Kecskemet International Ceramics Studio, Hungary
2010 Voulkos Fellow Archie Bray Foundation
2008-07 The Pottery Workshop Experimental Factory, Jingdezhen, China
2005 San Bao, Jingdezhen, China
2004 San Bao, Jingdezhen, China
2003 San Bao, Jingdezhen, China
2001 International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary
1998 East/West International Exchange, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
1996 Pop/Mass and Sub Cultures, Senior Artist, The Banff Centre
1994 Tama International Residency, Machida, Japan

over the years at the following institutions:

CAFA, Beijing, China, 2014Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China
Oregon College of Art and Craft
Pacific Northwest College of Art
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg,
Ottawa School of Art
UQAM, Montreal
University of Lethbridge, Alberta
Ceramics Institute, Jingdezhen, China
The Pottery Workshop, Hong-Kong and Jingdezhen, China
Tama Art University, Machida, Japan
Royal College of Art, London
Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
Concordia University, Montreal
University of Waterloo, Ontario
University of Indiana, Bloomington
University of Regina, Saskatchewan
Alberta College of Art, Calgary
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax
George Brown College, Toronto
The Banff Centre, Banff
Gardiner Museum of Ceramics, Toronto
University of Washington, Seattle
Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle
University of Colorado, Boulder
San Francisco State University
Kansas City Art Institute
Los Angeles City College
Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver
Langara College, Vancouver
Kwantlen University College, Vancouver
Centre de Ceramique Bonsecours, Montreal
La Maison du Potier, Quebec
Centre des Arts Visuels, Montreal